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GoodRelations - The Web Vocabulary for E-Commerce

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GoodRelations is a standardized vocabulary for product, price, and company data that can (1) be embedded into existing static and dynamic Web pages and that (2) can be processed by other computers. This increases the visibility of your products and services in the latest generation of search engines, recommender systems, and other novel applications.

[goodrelations] Join tomorrow's Semantic Web Meetup on GoodRelations in Zurich, Switzerland (Thursday, November 19, 2009, 6.00 p.m.)

Martin Hepp (UniBW) martin.hepp at ebusiness-unibw.org
Wed Nov 18 19:52:55 CET 2009

Dear all:

If you happen to be in Zurich, Switzerland: Please be invited to 
tomorrow's Semantic Web Meetup on GoodRelations at 6.00 p.m.

Info and RSVP

Real Business Impact for the Semantic Web: GoodRelations & RDFa for Deep 
Comparison Shopping on a Web Scale

In less than a year since its official release, the GoodRelations 
vocabulary for e-commerce has received huge interest from practitioners 
and researchers alike. GoodRelations has already been adopted by Yahoo, 
BestBuy, OpenLink Software, and other major players, and is supported by 
popular Web shop applications like osCommerce and the Joomla/Virtuemart 
combo. For the first time in history, we can expect a massive amount of 
real-world data expressed using a rich vocabulary compliant with the 
state-of-the art in W3C Semantic Web technology.

In this talk, I will explain the technological foundations and the 
business implications of GoodRelations for e-business experts, CTOs and 
CIOs, Web developers, and basically anybody who wants to be found on the 
Web. I will also show details on the massive growth of real-world data, 
sketch business models for affiliate marketing, and give an overview of 
available on-line resources and tools for adding GoodRelations support 
to your business model.

    Uni Zürich, Institut für Bankenwesen
    (meeting Room on the ground floor)
    Plattenstrasse 32
    Seminarraum 4
    Zurich, Switzerland

18:00 Socializing

18:30 Talk "Real Business Impact for the Semantic Web: GoodRelations & 
RDFa for Deep Comparison Shopping on a Web Scale"
Prof. Dr. Martin Hepp, E-Business & Web Science Research Group, 
Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany

19:30 Lessons Learned, Best Practices, and Discussion

20:30 Socializing / gemeinsames Nachtessen

Speaker's Bio
Martin Hepp is a professor of general management and e-business at 
Universität der Bundeswehr München
in Germany, where he heads the e-business and Web Science Research 
Group. Hepp holds a master's degree
in business management and business information systems and a PhD in 
business information systems from
the University of Würzburg (Germany). His key research interest is in 
using structured, linked data on a Web
scale for e-business, in particular matchmaking and product data reuse. 
As part of his research, he developed
the GoodRelations and eClassOWL ontologies, now widely used for 
describing offers on the Web.  Also, he
was the organizer of more than fifteen workshops and conference tracks 
on conceptual modeling, Semantic Web
topics, and information systems and member of more than sixty conference 
and workshop program committees,
including ASWC, ESWC, IEEE CEC/EEE, and ECIS, and is an associate editor 


Links to GoodRelations Materials and Tools
Project page:

Resources for developers:

Overview - http://www.heppnetz.de/projects/goodrelations/webcast/
How-to   - http://vimeo.com/7583816

Recipe for Yahoo SearchMonkey:

Talk at the Semantic Technology Conference 2009:
"Semantic Web-based E-Commerce: The GoodRelations Ontology"

Overview article on Semantic Universe:

Tutorial materials:
ISWC 2009 Tutorial: The Web of Data for E-Commerce in Brief: A Hands-on 
Introduction to the GoodRelations Ontology, RDFa, and Yahoo! SearchMonkey

martin hepp
e-business & web science research group
universitaet der bundeswehr muenchen

e-mail:  hepp at ebusiness-unibw.org
phone:   +49-(0)89-6004-4217
fax:     +49-(0)89-6004-4620
www:     http://www.unibw.de/ebusiness/ (group)
         http://www.heppnetz.de/ (personal)
skype:   mfhepp 
twitter: mfhepp

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