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[goodrelations] shop opening times - different times for different days in the week, and non-standard times for specific dates?

Ben Dougall ben at hdbatik.co.uk
Sat Oct 9 12:27:12 CEST 2010

Hello, (resending this, as no answer and in case it didn't get through,  
also it's modified somewhat)

I can see the standard examples of opening times which show how to  
state Mon-Fri opening times, then Sat opening times here:

Three things further to that example, relating to opening times:

How should it be done if you have varying times for weekdays? Say  
you've got these opening times:

Monday: 8am - 5.30pm
Tuesday: 8am - 5.30pm
Wednesday: 8am - 1pm
Thursday: 8am - 5.30pm
Friday: 8am - 6.30pm
Saturday: 8am - 1pm
Sunday: Closed

So Mon, Tue, Thu are the same as each other.
Wed and Sat are the same as each other.
Then there's Fri.

Do you group them in the RDF data -- the order doesn't matter? So for  
Mon, Tue, Thu it'd be this maybe?:

     <div rel="gr:hasOpeningHoursSpecification">
       <div about="#???????" typeof="gr:OpeningHoursSpecification">
         <div property="gr:opens" content="08:00:00"  
         <div property="gr:closes" content="17:30:00"  
         <div rel="gr:hasOpeningHoursDayOfWeek"  
         <div rel="gr:hasOpeningHoursDayOfWeek"  
         <div rel="gr:hasOpeningHoursDayOfWeek"  

What goes where the ???'s are? Maybe #mon_tue_thu ? But it seems  
#mon_fri means Mon to Fri so #mon_tue_thu probably wouldn't work. In  
that case can you not group the days of the same times regardless of  
their order in the week, like I have above? Also is the order of the  
<div rel="gr:hasOpeningHoursDayOfWeek"... lines meaningful? I guess not  
seeing as they're in reverse in the example code.

I need to write some PHP code which outputs the correct RDF data based  
on what the opening times are currently set to, so I need to know the  
general rules for how the days should be grouped/marked up depending on  
whether they have the same or different opening times as other days.

How should opening times which differ to the standard/default times for  
a specific date be specified? For example, for a bank holiday, which  
are usually on Mondays, so that would be closed on a specific Monday.  
How would that be specified? Presumably specific date specifications  
over-ride the standard/default Mon-Sun times?

Do any of the search engines use the opening times info to any visible  
effect yet? Is there anything else using opening times info at the  

Thanks, Ben.

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