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GoodRelations - The Web Vocabulary for E-Commerce

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GoodRelations is a standardized vocabulary for product, price, and company data that can (1) be embedded into existing static and dynamic Web pages and that (2) can be processed by other computers. This increases the visibility of your products and services in the latest generation of search engines, recommender systems, and other novel applications.

[goodrelations] Listing Products sold at a Location

richard.hancock at 3kbo.com richard.hancock at 3kbo.com
Mon Jun 6 02:43:14 CEST 2011

Hi all,

I am interested in finding out how to most efficiently geo locate products
that have been listed for sale using GoodRelations.

For example a recipe lists onions and tomatoes as ingredients.
I'd like to find those ingredients close to my current location (using
latitude and longitude).

Some initial attempts using gr:offers left me thinking that for scenarios
like this it would be simpler having a property e.g. :sells (shown below)
which lists (summarizes) the types of products being sold, so that the
SPARQL query does not need to traverse through all the gr:Offering
instances to reach the products to see if they are the ingredients I am
interested in.

The basic pattern I'm thing of is shown in the fragment below,using common
names for the products that map easily to Wikipedia and hence to

Is there an existing GoodRelations property like :sells that would be
better to use?

Are there other, better patterns for getting a quick listing of the
products being sold at a particular location?

@prefix gr:      <http://purl.org/goodrelations/v1#> .
@prefix pto:     <http://www.productontology.org/id/> .

:CometBayFarm a gr:BusinessEntity ;
   gr:offers :OnionsOffering , :TomatoesOffering ;
   :sells  :Tomatoes , :Onions ;
   vcard:adr :address ;
   vcard:geo :location .

   rdf:type owl:ObjectProperty ;
   rdfs:domain gr:BusinessEntity ;
   rdfs:range gr:ProductOrService .

:Tomatoes a pto:Tomato , gr:ProductOrServicesSomeInstancesPlaceholder;
   rdfs:comment "Tomatoes organically grown at Comet Bay Farm"@en ;
   rdfs:label "Tomatoes"@en .

Full example list:




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