RDF2RDFa Converter

by Roberto García, Martin Hepp, and Andreas Radinger

What is it?

This tool converts RDF/XML or Turtle/N3 content into RDFa snippets that can be easily pasted into existing XHTML Web pages. This is a very convenient way of providing GoodRelations-based e-commerce descriptions into RDF-aware search engines, namely Yahoo SearchMonkey or Google.

It is based on the RDF2HTML converter available from the ReDeFer project.


Form-based Web Access

Convert the RDF/XML file available at a given URI to RDFa snippet

Please specify the URI of the RDF/XML file to be converted:

Convert direct RDF content to a RDFa snippet:

Paste a RDF/XML or Turtle/N3 document into the text field below:

Select the format of the data source:



Web Service

The RDF2RDFa tool can also be directly accessed from applications in a REST style by sending an HTTP GET request to the URI


with "RDFURL" being the URI of a RDF/XML file to be converted, e.g.


or, better, with the URI properly escaped:


This directly returns an RDFa snippet, representing the submitted RDF content as a block div/span elements without visible content. This can be pasted easily before the closing "</body>" element in any XHTML document.



The source code is an XSLT transformation available under a LPGL license from: http://rhizomik.net/redefer-services/xsl/rdf2rdfa.xsl.

For background information, please see our Technical Report:
Hepp, Martin; García, Roberto; Radinger, Andreas: RDF2RDFa: Turning RDF into Snippets for Copy-and-Paste, Technical Report TR-2009-01, 2009.
If you use the tool or script for academic purposes, please cite the technical report or contact one of the authors for the most recent paper.