Warning: This tool or project is no longer maintained and kept available only for archival purposes. Since GoodRelations and schema.org have evolved significantly in the past years, the current status available on this page is unlikely to function as expected. We take no responsibility for any damage caused by the use of this outdated work, to the extent legally possible.

Due to a lack of resources, we are unable to provide support for this project outside of consulting projects or sponsored research. Please contact us if you can contribute resources to update and enhance these resources.

RDF2RDFa Converter

by Roberto García, Martin Hepp, and Andreas Radinger

What is it?

This tool converts RDF/XML or Turtle/N3 content into RDFa snippets that can be easily pasted into existing XHTML Web pages. This is a very convenient way of providing GoodRelations-based e-commerce descriptions into RDF-aware search engines, namely Yahoo SearchMonkey or Google.

It is based on the RDF2HTML converter available from the ReDeFer project.


Form-based Web Access

Convert the RDF/XML file available at a given URI to RDFa snippet

Please specify the URI of the RDF/XML file to be converted:

Convert direct RDF content to a RDFa snippet:

Paste a RDF/XML or Turtle/N3 document into the text field below:

Select the format of the data source:



Web Service

The RDF2RDFa tool can also be directly accessed from applications in a REST style by sending an HTTP GET request to the URI


with "RDFURL" being the URI of a RDF/XML file to be converted, e.g.


or, better, with the URI properly escaped:


This directly returns an RDFa snippet, representing the submitted RDF content as a block div/span elements without visible content. This can be pasted easily before the closing "</body>" element in any XHTML document.



The source code is an XSLT transformation available under a LPGL license from: http://rhizomik.net/redefer-services/xsl/rdf2rdfa.xsl.

For background information, please see our Technical Report:
Hepp, Martin; García, Roberto; Radinger, Andreas: RDF2RDFa: Turning RDF into Snippets for Copy-and-Paste, Technical Report TR-2009-01, 2009.
If you use the tool or script for academic purposes, please cite the technical report or contact one of the authors for the most recent paper.