Cash Register

Source Code of the Cash Register Demo

# my cash register

  1. martin hepp, nov 5, 2008

EANdatabase = { '4006067080999':('Feine Milde',4.99), '40057842':('Thomy Kaese Sahne-Sauce',0.99), '40056265': ('Thomy Sauce Hollandaise',0.99), '4006581020006':('Eilles Gourmet-Kaffee',5.99), '4017100370007':('Leibniz Butterkeks',1.99), '4062800000990': ('Minus L haltbare Milch laktosefrei',1.19), '4001726329006':('Koelner Gruemmel Kandis',1.49), '4005500019305': ('Haribo Fruity SMARTIES',0.69) }

print 'UniBW Munich Point-Of-Sale' print 'Written by the E-Business & Web Science Research Group'


while True:

   ean=raw_input('Enter EAN or scan item')  # fetch EAN from keyboard
   if (ean==''): break             # stop when input is empty
   print ean                       # print EAN
   product = EANdatabase[ean]      # look up product by EAN
   productname =product[0]         # get product name
   price = product[1]              # get price per unit
   print productname, price        # show product name and price
   total=total+price               # add product price to bill

print 'Thanks for shopping with us. The total is', total