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The current page contains information about the » WOW MakerLab at the Universität der Bundeswehr «.
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Circuit Diagrams and PCB Design

On this page, we collect resources that explain the tasks of designing schematic diagrams and printed circuit boards. The most popular applications for these tasks in the maker communities are

  • Eagle,
  • Fritzing, and
  • Kicad.

In the past, we mainly used Eagle. Since the change of the licensing model, we have started to migrate all new projects to KiCad, with a quick learning curve and overall good success. Plus, KiCad is free and open source, and the available parts libraries grow very fast.


  • Steps
  • Terminology

Links and Resources

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Available Software

A Simple Example


EAGLE Tips and Tricks

Frequently Needed Components

  • Mounting holes / lib: holes: T-PAD-ROUND3.2
  • Template Schematic: frames -A4-LOC
  • Vcc + Ground: - Library Supply1 + Supply2
  • Labeled Signal headers: use supply2 -> V->, <-V

How to create your own parts


General Tips

Pitfalls and Checklists