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Meaning on Small Devices Hackfest 2018 at ESWC 2018

The Semantic Web on Raspberry Pi, Arduino, PICs, and Others

In this informal workshop and hackers/makers meet-up, we want to provide a forum for people who are interested in running semantic technology on/with the help of small devices, like Raspberry Pi, MicroPython, ATmega/Arduino, PIC/PICAXE. The main purpose is to exchange ideas and experiences and maybe develop nice demos / prototypes during the event.

So bring all your Rasberry Pis, breadboards, sensors, displays, cabling with you, and we will for sure find exiting new ways of using this stuff for semantic technologies! Soldering irons welcome, but not mandatory.



  • Micropython and Semantic Web / Linked Open Data
  • Running triplestores on small devices
  • Wireless discovery of small devices (RFID, Bluetooth, 433 MHz, IR, ...)
  • Internet-of-Things Hands-on
  • Practical challenges
  • Theoretical challenges
  • Fun


Date: Monday, June 4, 2018
Time: 15:00 - 19:00 (plus ad-hoc follow-ups during the conference)
Room: Erato / Polymnia


Github repository:

Contact and Organization

Martin Hepp
E-Business and Web Science Research Group
Universität der Bundeswehr München
Werner-Heisenberg-Weg 39
D-85579 Neubiberg, Germany (personal page) / (group)
Phone: +49 89 6004-4217