Accommodation and Hotel Rooms

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A tool for creating basic descriptions for any business is at

You can also use that tool for learning the recommended GoodRelations modeling patterns. The tool only allows chosing from the first two hierarchies of eClassOWL, but you could replace the class IDs in the RDF/XML later on in order to make the description more specific.

A restaurant could use the eClassOWL 5.1.4 category 2520 (Food and services) or one of the following more specific classes:

25-20-01-00 -  Restaurant (service), [ eclass:C_AKG508003-gen ]
25-20-01-01 -  Restaurant with conventional service (service),  [ eclass:C_AKG509003-gen ]
25-20-01-02 -  Restaurant with self-service (service), [ eclass:C_AKG510003-gen ]
25-20-01-03 -  Cafe (service),   25-20-01-03 [ eclass:C_AKG511003-gen ]
25-20-02-01 -  Bar (service), [ eclass:C_AKG515003-gen ]
25-20-02-02 -  Bar and entertainment restaurant (service) [ eclass:C_AKG516003-gen ]
25-20-02-03 - Disco and dance restaurant (service)  [ eclass:C_AKG517003-gen ]

The proper gr:BusinessFunction would be gr:ProvideService, since eClass classifies restaurants as types of services. (When using an ontology that defines particular types of meals, then the proper business function would be "sell".)

A hotel could use the eClassOWL 5.1.4 category 2512 (Travel Management) or, better, one of the following more specific classes:

25-12-13-01 -  Hotel (travel management),  [ eclass:C_AKG314003-gen ]
25-12-13-02 -  Hotel garni (travel management),    [ eclass:C_AKG315003-gen ]
25-12-13-03 -  Inn (travel management),[ eclass:C_AKG316003-gen ]
25-12-13-04 -  Pension (travel management),  [ eclass:C_AKG317003-gen ]

The proper gr:BusinessFunction would be gr:ProvideService, too.

eclass: =



@prefix gr: <>.
@prefix default: <>.
@prefix xsd: <>.
@prefix rdfs: <>.
@prefix foaf: <>.

# Company

  a gr:BusinessEntity ;
  gr:legalName "Hotel UniBw Ltd." ;
  foaf:page <> ;
  gr:hasPOS default:HotelUniBw ;
  gr:offers default:SpecialChristmasOffer.

# Location

  a gr:LocationOfSalesOrServiceProvisioning ;
  rdfs:label "Hotel Neubiberg".

# Offering Zeitraum des Angebots

  a gr:Offering ;
  gr:validFrom "2009-12-20T00:00:00"^^xsd:dateTime ;
  gr:validThrough "2010-01-06T23:59:59"^^xsd:dateTime ;
  gr:hasBusinessFunction gr:LeaseOut ;
  gr:includes default:SomeDoubleDeluxeRooms ;
  gr:hasPriceSpecification default:SuperRate ;
  gr:acceptedPaymentMethods gr:Cash , gr:MasterCard.

# Price

  a gr:UnitPriceSpecification ;
  gr:hasCurrency "EUR"^^xsd:string ;
  gr:hasCurrencyValue "99.00"^^xsd:float ;
  gr:validFrom "2009-12-20T00:00:00"^^xsd:dateTime ;
  gr:validThrough "2009-12-20T23:59:59"^^xsd:dateTime ;.

# Room

  a gr:ProductOrServicesSomeInstancesPlaceholder ;
  rdfs:label "Double Deluxe Room".



Resources and References

  1. gr:eligibleDuration with a domain of gr:Offering and a range of gr:QuantitativeValueInteger
    • This allows constraining the minimal and maximal duration of a rental contract or hotel booking.
  2. gr:advanceBookingRequirement with a domain of gr:Offering and a range of gr:QuantitativeValueInteger.
    • This allows specifying the minimal and maximal time-span between accepting an offer and the availability of the good or service.
    • This can be very useful for rental car businesses, transportation, hotels, or ticket sales.
  3. gr:availabilityStarts and gr:availabilityEnds