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This is an example of a MediaWiki wiki page with RDFa embedded.

The rich meta-data is embedded in additional div/span elements without visible content.


Hepp Space Ventures Inc.

1234 Hepp Road

85577 Neubiberg

Bavaria, Germany

Phone: +49-89-6004-0


Link to the products we offer:

Geo Position latitude 48.0802626, longitude 11.6407428

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 10-4.30

Note: When parsing the wikitext for the first time, MediaWiki sometimes inserts unneccessary spaces and line breaks, which create multiple unintended grey boxed to appear in the rendering and which may corrupt the RDFa meta-data. If that happens, simply edit the page again, go to the wikitext mode, and delete all whitespaces and linebreaks in the markup.