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Creating GoodRelations-conformant RDF/XML Exports from Shop Systems and other Applications

On this page we summarize hints on how to generate GoodRelations-conformant RDF/XML annotations from popular Webshop software etc.

Basically, we recommend using the Triplify script as the core component and developing a respective mapping from internal data structures in relational databases.

If that is not an option, one can also develop a respective PHP, JSP, or ASP page and create the respective RDF/XML that way. But Triplify should be the most efficient way to do so, because you only have to take care of the actual mappin.

Target Exports

We would like to see such mappings for at least the following applications:

If you think we are missing important e-commerce software packages, please contact us at mheppATcomputerDOTorg.

Candidate Software

The following is a list of software for which we would like to see GoodRelations-compliant exporters to RDF/XML: