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PingTheSemanticWeb for Semantic Sitemaps

PingTheSemanticWeb is a valuable service for the Linked Data initiative.

Unfortunately, it does currently not accept the bulk notification for datasets for which a semantic sitemap is already available.

Below, we provide a free Python script that can be used to notify PingTheSemanticWeb using a given semantic sitemap.


  1. !/usr/bin/env python
  2. encoding: utf-8


Bulk Notification of PingTheSemanticWeb using a Semantic Sitemap

Created by Martin Hepp on 2009-06-14. This software is free software under the LPGL.

Acknowledgements: Some inspiration on using urllib came from Doug Hellmann, """

import urllib from xml.dom import minidom

SITEMAP_URI = '' # insert URI of your sitemap here PTSW_URL = '' SEMSITEMAP_NS = ''

def get_listof_URIs(sitemapURI): """Extract a list of all data dump locations from the semantic sitemap at <sitemapURI>""" sitemap = urllib.urlopen(sitemapURI) dom = minidom.parse(sitemap) resources = [] elements = dom.getElementsByTagNameNS(SEMSITEMAP_NS,'dataDumpLocation') for location in elements: resources.append(str( return resources

def call_ptsw(address): """Notify PingTheSemanticWeb via http GET of the RDF content at <address>""" p = urllib.quote(address) url = PTSW_URL + p print "PTSW:", url response = urllib.urlopen(url) headers = print 'DATE  :', headers['date'] print 'HEADERS :' print headers

  1. Main

uri_list = get_listof_URIs(SITEMAP_URI) counter = 1 total = len(uri_list) for address in uri_list: print "URI %d of %d: %s" % (counter, total, address) call_ptsw(address) counter = counter + 1


Simply  replace


by the URI of your sitemap.xml file in the following line: